Who’s PMO

Who’s PMO

We are committed to serve your project

Who We Are?

Started in Toronto, Canada, in 2002, founded with the aim to provide a wide standard approach to project delivery at reasonable prices and with less hassles. With multiple offices across the globe, PMO is supporting organizations internationally on all areas of Project Management with predictable consistency, efficiency and success.

Our experience in this field enables us to advise on finding the best solutions and tools to manage projects. We have helped companies working in fit-out, support services, construction, engineering, oil and gas, and IT build their own projects and processes.

Over the years, PMO has enriched its primary Project Management service provision by building extended capabilities, and is also ideally positioned to provide extensive business consultancy. Whether this be a specific niche requirement in a specialist area or a wider corporate requirement, we have built the strength and depth to be able to react and provide sustainable solutions to support company’s business growth.

Our Success

Is driven by our distinctive ability to implement innovative project management techniques and to serve as reliable provider of knowledge driven solution for complex construction projects.