PMO Set-up

PMO Setup

PMO Consultancy can provide expert insight to help establish PMO in companies. We can help create PMO strategic plan, define the performance measures, design a central delivery framework with integrated governance, create the right PMO tools and processes and provide the initial resource to get the business going.

We work with the team in establishing an in-house project management office (in-house PMO), designed as a professional operation which maintains the standards of the business processes, and generally related to project management. The PMO will standardize and introduce economies of repetition in the execution of projects.  We support companies in piecing it together and, train and handover to their teams.

PMO Set Up and Run

We will run the PMO for the period of change lifecycle.  Project organizations are temporary organizations set up to manage a finite change period. Some organizations may not want to invest in establishing permanent capability. Our team sets up and runs the PMO for the customer for the period which is to require to support the change period.

PMO Assess and Improve We assess the PMO capability and work with the customer to improve the strength of key areas to develop operations into a true business values added operations. Too many PMO’s operate as an administration function – all organizations have the opportunity to develop their PMO operation into one that is innovative and state of the art and operates at the centre of their organization.